Cascara label design for ONA coffee
Date: 2105


Label design
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Creating intrigue.

In 2015, we were approached by ONA Coffee to create labels for their new coffee infused soda drinks.

With 3 flavoured drinks in total, based on various locations worldwide, each label was designed to be fun and captivating, all the while reflecting the natural ingredients through use of texture and colour.

Our solution began with a simple outline of a coffee bean, which was then divided into segments. We wanted the design to have a sensory aspect, with each segment representing the flavour of an ingredient.

Lastly our shape was stylised slightly to create some intrigue and separate it from its obvious form. Why would we do this??? We found that the slightly altered shape created intrigue in the viewer. With interpretations ranging from surfboard to shield and of course coffee bean.

cascara design concept image

Original bean drawing

cascara design concept image

Shape filled

cascara design concept image

Final shape

Label 1


cascara label design
cascara label design
cascara label design
cascara mock up
cascara mock up

Mock up

cascara mock up

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